The US Presidential Elections 2008

Here´s what you have to do:

Work in a team of 2. Look at the following questions. Each group has to answer Questions 1 and 2. Question 3 will be divided into groups. Group A will concentrate on the Republicans and their candidates, Group B on the Democrats. Gather all your information on question 3 in a short text document (Word etc.) so that the other members of the course will be able to get to know your results. You will give quick presentations on the candidates.


1. Try to understand the US electoral procedures.
Ben`s guide to US Government for Kids

2.Explain in detail how Primaries and Caucuses work!

3. Present the main candidates of the US elections 2008
a) What´s their biography?
b) What´s their political agenda: economy, education, foreign politics, welfare and health care etc. ?


New York Times
Washington Post
USA Today
CNN Election Center 2008

Polling Report: Election 2008
Early polls for the 2008 Presidental election.

Presidential Election 2008 Full Coverage on Yahoo!
Ongoing and complete coverage of the 2008 U.S. presidential election, including candidates, primaries and issues.


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