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Stylistic Devices Worksheet
Dank an Jochen Lüders

Presentation of News Items

"Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper
1. Describe "Nighthawks" so that someone who has not seen the painting can visualize it.
2. Why do you think Hopper chose to give his painting the title "Nighthawks"?
3. What could the four people in the picture be thinking? Write two interior monologues!
4. Emily Auerbach thinks that "Art (may be able to) break down barriers and give life shape and meaning". To what extent would you agree with her concerning "Nighthawks"? Discuss in about 200 words!

Symbolism in "Tortilla Curtain"

Storywriting - Tortilla Curtain

Analysis of a Short Story - "The story of an hour" by Kate Chopin

Presentation of a Short Story

American Beauty

1. Look at the film`s webpage, inform yourself about the different characters.
2. Imagine you are a script writer. You have "seen" the first half of the film and now have to continue the script.
Write a dialogue for one of the following two scenes!

Scene 35
Lester, Jane, Carolyn
At the dining table, Lester tells Jane that he has quit his job. How will Jane and Carolyn react?

Scene 39
Carolyn, Lester
Lester is at home when Carolyn arrives. He tries to talk to her about the really important things in life. How will she react?

American History: We didn't start the Fire by Billy Joel

The US Presidential Election 2008